January round opens in:

ACCESS  Setup rules & Instructions


Please inform yourselves of the General booth organization:

Booth placements by category:
- SPONSORS: first booths around the landing point
- MALE/UNISEX/DECOR: Middle area booths - right behind Sponsors
- FEMALES/DECOR: Last 4 side line booths.
Illustrated in 􀀂General Setup Organization Map



- The event venue is separated into sections by category. Please find your booth at the Booth Organization Map in the Setup kit  (there will be multiply rezzed at the event venue as well) 


- You can come and setup only If you are ready on 100% including your AD (Advertising material)  - Your items, vendor and payment system & decoration has to be all set and your booth finished. Incomplete Set up will be returned. 
Do NOT book or reserve a booth, please it will be returned.

- Please prepare your setup with minimum Land Impact, no extra Decoration, keep it simple. Set it to phantom to reduce lag.

- Please notify us before 11th  11 PM SLT if you will be late with the setup. Request a Setup Extension. You can setup and purchase Extension only if spoken to the team and arranged it ahead of time. 
 - Setup Extension will be available to purchase (1500L$) on your booth after the deadline, allowing you to finish your setup until 12th 10 AM SLT. 

-  If you fail to notify the team that you are unable to set up in the provided deadline, and at 11th 11 pm slt you are not setup, we have the right to replace you with a Designer from the Back up List.

- Please stick to the allowed prims:  70 ~ 80 Standard Designers, 100 - Sponsors
 - As soon as you have your Vendor Ad ready, please deliver it to us to email: access.event.official@gmail.com

 -  Remove all additional scripts from Decoration - blinking lights, flashing, light and scripts that are not needed to display your item must be removed. Set your decoration phantom to reduce the lag, please. No direct group invites or group invites on the purchase, please!
 - For Casper Vend users - It is VERY IMPORTANT to use the Event script or EasyVend for your vendors! 
 - Please setup Redelivery at your Mainstore, not at your booth!
 - Mark your Exclusives with the ACCESS Exclusive mesh sign. If setting up past release (it can be only 1 past item for standard and more for sponsors as per rules), please mark your New and Exclusive item for ACCESS.

 - 12th, 10 AM SLT.  Extended Setup Deadline ends.
 - 12th 12.00 PM SLT ACCESS opens
 - Absolutely not allowed setting up after the event opens.


ACCESS Time line:

➤ Payment for next round: 20th - 30/31st Only in the Payment room  􀀇

Set Up :  Starts 9th, after 12:00 AM SLT ( announcing with group notice and Setup Kit )

➤ Please leave our professional team of bloggers copies to review and promote your products   􀀆

11th -  Set up period Ends:  11:00 PM SLT 

➤ 12th, 12.00 AM SLT - Main & Camshopping Sims open for Early shopping
➤ 12th, 10 AM SLT - Extended Set Up time is over ( Fee 1500L$ )   

➤ 12th, 11 AM SLT ends the Early shopping, lands are restarting.
➤ 12th, 12:00 PM SLT - ACCESS opens 

➤ Sign up for next round - 13th - 16th


• PLEASE, set up in the provided deadline for it: 9th - 11th 11:00 PM SLT ,
Respect and follow the Set up Rules. (Find them in the Set Up Kit )
After 11th, 11:00 PM SLT  We start Early shopping! The venue is having a lot of people on early shopping, please avoid the struggle of setting up with lag and customers around! 
After the Deadline You would be allowed to set up only if spoken to the team for an extension. Setup Extension will be available to purchase (1500L$) on your booth after the deadline, allowing you to finish your setup until 12th 10 AM SLT. 
Designers who haven't arranged an extended deadline with the team,  haven't notified us about any delay in their set up will be replaced. 
              • Dear Designers, items with same /similar to RL brand patterns, textures and logos will be returned. NO exceptions.