Setup Rules & Instructions

 Dear Designer,
 Thank you for taking part of ACCESS event and for your hard work!
 For the proper functioning of the event, you must be aware of the following Setup instructions, and have them in mind, as   you organize your preparation.


• ACCESS  Setup rules & Instructions
- VERY IMPORTANT: Casper User, Please use the Event script only!!!! ACCESS Region will be non-operational for the regular script soon.

 - You can come and setup only If ready on 100% ( advertising material  - Vendor Ad, items, vendor system.. etc ), Incomplete Set up will be returned. NO reserving booths, please!

 - Please prepare your setup with minimum Land Impact, no extra Decoration & scripts, keep it simple. Set it to phantom to reduce lag.

- Please notify us before 11th  11 PM SLT if you will be late with the setup.
   If you failed to notify the team that you are unable to keep the Set up deadline,  
we have the right to return your items ( if any ) and replace you with Designer from the Back up List.

 - Setup Extension will be available to purchase (1500L$) on your booth after the deadline, allowing you to finish your setup until 12th 10 AM SLT. 
  NOTE: You can setup and purchase Extension only if spoken to the team and arranged it ahead of time. Please notify us if you are running late and will be crossing the deadline.

 - Please stick to the allowed prims:  70 - Standard Designers, 100 - Sponsors
 - As soon as you have your Vendor Ad ready, please deliver it to us by email:
 -  PLEASE remove all additional scripts from Decoration - blinking lights, flashing, lights and scripts that are not needed to display your item must be removed. Set your decoration phantom to reduce the lag, please.
 - For Casper Vend users - It is VERY IMPORTANT to use the Event script for your vendors! Please have in mind ACCESS is very well visited, and the regular script is extremely heavy. Please, use the event script to prevent this situation, it is created for this specific reason!
 - Mark your Exclusives. (Seraphim requirement, not following might result in excluding you from the Seraphim Gallery)
 - Absolutely not allowed to set up after the event opens.