July 2021

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1st Setup Deadline ends in:

 Extended ULTIMATE Deadline ends in:

Setup rules & Instructions

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Incomplete Setup will be returned.


Respect and follow the event General and Setup Rules. 

As soon as you have your  Ad ready, please deliver it to us to email: access.event.official@gmail.com   


Please Teleport to ACCESS Bloggers room and leave our Bloggers review copies.  here: Bloggers Room  

Setup Coordinator for FEMALE/DECOR booths: Bamzii
Setup Coordinator for SPONSORS & MALE/UNISEX/DECOR booths: Teresa Lectar (manager)

Setup Timeline

 - 9th  - Setup opens with group notice and Setup kit
- 11th 11.00 pm slt - 1st Setup Period ends
- 11th 11.01 pm slt - 2nd Extended & paid Setup period starts

 - 12th, 10 AM SLT.  Extended Setup Deadline ends.
- 12th 12.00 PM SLT ACCESS opens


Booth Organization
The event venue is separated into sections by category. (SPONSORS, MALE/UNISEX/DECOR, FEMALE/DECOR)
Your Booth placements will be assigned based on your product category


- SPONSORS: first booths around the landing point

- MALE/UNISEX/DECOR: Middle area booths - right behind Sponsors

- FEMALES/DECOR: Last 4 side line booths.

Double booths are assigned by Logo. The rest of the booths are first come, first serve based. 

Please find your booth assigned by category at the Setup Organization Map for each round in the Setup kit

(there will be a map displayed at the event venue as well) 

or here JULY  2021  Booth Organization (CLICK HERE)


PRIMS usage

Please stick to the allowed prims:  

70 ~ Standard booth

90 ~ Double booth

100 - Sponsors



- Allowed are only Vendor/payment scripts. Gacha scripts are allowed
If you are selling product needing a specific scripts to be displayed that is ok. 

​- For Casper Vend users:  Event script or EasyVend is only allowed for your vendors! 
This does not apply to Designers using MD.

- Please set your booth simple, focusing the attention on your product, not the decoration, make it attractive the best possible way to present your products, without extra or heavy decor. 

- Set your decoration phantom to reduce the lag, please. 

- Remove all unnecessary additional scripts - blinking lights, flashing, light, and scripts that are not needed to display your item must be removed. 

- No direct group invites or group invites or invites on the purchase, please!

- Redelivery and Social media scripts are not allowed. Please setup Redelivery at your Mainstore, not at your booth!

SETUP Deadline - 1st period --> by 11th 11.00 pm slt

- You can come and set up only If you are ready on 100% including your AD (Advertising material)  - Your items, Vendor system/payment system & decoration have to be all set and your booth completed and finished. An incomplete Setup will be returned. 

IMPORTANT: Do NOT book or reserve a booth, please it will be returned.

​- Please prepare your setup with minimum Land Impact, no extra Decoration, keep it simple. Set it to phantom to reduce lag.

​-  If you fail to notify the team that you are unable to set up in the provided deadline, and at 11th 11 pm slt you are not setup, we have the right to replace you with a Designer from the Backup List.

- Should you be displaying decor products, please set up samples at the DEMO AREA, and contact staff member (Bamzii, Teresa, Silvia) to place a teleporter at your booth.

For displaying decor/furniture products sized to fit inside the booth -  you can leave the scripts inside for customers to test.

For displaying decor/furniture products bigger than the booth size - please rezz a non-scripted small sample in the booth for visual and Full size, scripted in the DEMO area for testing.

 - Mark your Exclusives with the ACCESS Exclusive mesh sign. ( in the Setup kit sent every month in group notice)

 -  Please setup only your Exclusive release

*from April 2021* Only Sponsors and standard Double booths are allowed to have past release.

- As soon as you have your Vendor Ad ready, please deliver it to us to email: access.event.official@gmail.com

- Absolutely not allowed setting up after the event opens.
- Please notify us BEFORE 11th  11 PM SLT if you will be late with the setup. 
-  Setup Extension will be available to purchase (1500L$) on your booth after the deadline, allowing you to finish your setup until 12th 10 AM SLT.  
-  Dear Designers, items against SL TOS, with same /similar to RL brands patterns, textures and logos will be returned. NO exceptions.

◘ SETUP 2nd Extended ULTIMATE Deadline - by 12th 10 am slt.

Important: Please mark the date 11th 11 pm slt on your calendars. It is the most important date for a Designer - the Setup Deadline. I need you to organize your working process accordingly and be ready BEFORE the Deadline.
Setting up on time means you earn early sales from the Early shopping we do for our group members and save you 1500L$ to purchase your Extension. 
You crossing this deadline will result in Not considering your brand for the next round. We need to be organized for the event to run smoothly.
I do believe you understand how important that is.

-  Setup Extension will be available to purchase (1500L$) on each booth that is not finished,  after the deadline,  giving you  13 additional hours to complete your setup by 12th 10 AM SLT.

This is the Ultimate Setup Deadline that can't be crossed. 

​Items violating the SecondLife TOS,   same /similar to RL brand patterns, textures, and logos will be returned. NO exceptions.

- Absolutely not allowed setting up after the event opens.


* PLEASE, set up in the 1st provided deadline for it: 9th - 11th 11:00 PM SLT ,
Respect and follow the Set up Rules. (Find them in the Set Up Kit )

* After the 1st Setup period ends,  we start the Early shopping! The venue is having a lot of people on early shopping, please avoid the struggle of setting up with lag and customers around.


You can find your booth  situated by category here:

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