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 ACCESS  is a  premiere shopping event in SecondLife

One of the most visited and popular events in Second Life with a large amount of male and female customers base.
This event is by invitation only. Our Designers are carefully selected and only Original creators. There is no theme, no limits. 




How can I be updated about  ACCESS?

-- Like & Follow  our Facebook pageJoin ACCESS Updates group  in-world,  follow our Flickr stream   //   Instagram   //   Twitter.

Stay informed with news and group gifts, giveaways! Subscribe for any updates, news, and additional information here on our website by submitting your e-mail address in the Subscription form on the bottom of this page.

I am a Designer, how can I participate in ACCESS events?
-- We are sorry, but we do not have an application open,  all ACCESS Events Designers are by invitation only.

I am a Blogger, how can I join the Blogger's team?
-- ACCESS Event is currently not looking for bloggers, but we do thank you for your interest. Please, keep checking our social media for future announcements.

Just in case I want to talk straight to someone, whom should I contact?

-- Please send all information regarding the event to AccessEvent Resident or our Event Manager TERESA LECTAR



Thank you.

Kind Regards,

ACCESS  events Management

ACCESS letters png WATERMARK.png

ALPHA Management

Abstract Shapes

Want a job in ACCES events Management?

ACCESS Events Management is hiring reliable, polite, responsible, experienced, and proactive people to join  60-90L Happy Weekend sale team!

Currently open position:
- Happy Weekend sale Staff

ACCESS Management

Owner:   Silvia Antorian

Manager:  Teresa Lectar

Blogger Manager: Nimue Grantly

CYBER Fair Management

Owner:  Silvia Antorian

Blogger Manager: 

Setup Coordinators: Lyda Sands & Bamzii

Setup Coordinators:    Bamzii & Lyda Sands

60-90L HW sale Management

Owners: Silvia Antorian & Teresa Lectar  


Owner:  Silvia Antorian & Davinrothschild

Manager: Teresa Lectar

Setup Coordinator:    Bamzii 

General Coordinator: Bamzii & Lyda Sands

Social Media & Notecard Staff: Manal Melody, Misha Snowbear, 6milsy9 & Lunat1c Secretspy

Setup staff: Lyda Sands, Bamzii, Arahnia & Celeste Amore

Cupid's Fault Management

Owners: Silvia Antorian & Teresa Lectar  

ACCESS Updates Group:

Chat  Moderators: Lyda Sands, Bamzii, Arahnia, Misha Snowbear, Annieboo3000 & ilinahaily

Blogger Manager: Nimue Grantly

Setup Coordinators: Lyda Sands & Bamzii

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