FAQ and Information

   ACCESS  event  is a monthly shopping event in Second Life

 From 12th of each month, until  the 8th of the next,   we give our best to offer you an amazing shopping experience.



How can I be updated about  ACCESS?

-- Join our group in-world, stay informed with news and group gifts. Subscribe for any updates, news and additional information here on our website by submitting your e-mail address in the Subscription form on bottom of every page.

I am a Designer, how can I participate?
-- We are sorry, but we do not have  an applications open,  ACCESS Event  Designers are by invitation only.

I am a Blogger, how can I join the Blogger's team?
-- ACCESS Event is currently not looking for bloggers, but we do thank you for your interest. Please, keep checking our social media for future announcements.

Just in case I want to talk straight to someone, who should I contact ?

-- Please send all information regarding the event to AccessEvent Resident or our Event Manager TERESA LECTAR



Thank you.

Kind Regards,

ACCESS Event Team

Silvia Antorian
Teresa Lectar
  ACCESS Event Manager

Please adress any event information to Accessevent Resident

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