General Setup Instructions



Dear CYBER Fair Designers,

Booths are organized and assigned by alphabetical order

PLEASE Find your Sector, Level, and your assigned booth by the logo.

BamziLili Page are our CYBER Fair Setup Coordinators


for Sector 1 and 2 - Lili Page 

for Sector 3 and 4 - Bamzii
They will make sure your setup is according to the instructions provided and contact you if needed.

- Please prepare your booth decoration fitting to the fair theme.

- Allowed scripts are ONLY Vendor scripts & ones that display your product. Any additional decoration, Social, and Redelivery scripts must be removed. Please follow the rules. If your setup includes scripts in order to display a preview of your item, please use the minimum needed.

- Please set your booth decor Phantom to avoid lag.

- If you have a product needing a DEMO AREA - Please display it there real size, I will place a Teleporter sign on your booth.

 -  FOR CasperVend users only: Please set up your booth with Casper Vend Event vendor or EasyVend only! 

Those who use MD vendors system are ok.

- Please stick to the allowed prims:   VIP Sponsors - 250 // Sponsors - 100prims // Standards - 70 prims// Collab booth - 60 prims each Designer, total of 120


- You can setup only your EXCLUSIVE release for the fair, no past releases are allowed. ( This does not apply for SPONSORS)
- As soon as you have your Vendor Ad ready, please email it to us vie e-mail
access.event.official@ add to CYBER Fair Flickr group:

- Mark your Exclusives with the CYBER Fair Exclusive png file! Either on the Original Ad you post, or add it as prim on your Ad in the booth display.

 -  Do not forget to leave our professional Bloggers copies in the Bloggers  Room:
- Add the CYBER Fair Camsim together with the main  Landmark, when you post your products on social media:



 CYBER Fair Camsim:



   - NOTE - It is VERY IMPORTANT to use the Event script or EasyVend for your vendors! Please have in mind this Fair is very well visited and the lands will be busy. If your vendors, set up with regular script refuse to work due to the heavy lag and too many people, we can't fix this!
Please, use the event script replacement to prevent this situation, it is created for this specific reason! 
instructions available for those who do not know how to do it here:
  Thank you for working hard for CYBER Fair. We appreciate your efforts.





CYBER Fair  Setup Timeline 


➥ Setup Feb 28th - March 2nd 

➥ Setup starts on Feb 28th,  after 12 AM SLT the event opens for setup with Group notice.
➥ Setup ends on March 2nd, 12 PM SLT 

      March 2nd 12 pm slt - March 3rd 10 am slt- Extended Setup paid period.
➥ March 3rd -  12 PM SLT Early access for Media/Press/Giveaway winners/Advertising groups opens. 
➥ March 4th 12.00 PM SLT - CYBER Fair opens
   Your setup must be finished by the end of the Deadline - March 2nd, 12 pm slt.
   Should you be needing more time, you must request an Extension - This Deadline Extension will be available to purchase (1500L$) on your booth, giving you additional 12 hours time to finish your booth until  March 3rd 12 AM SLT. 


Please read and respect the Rules of the Fair regarding your participation.

If there is any change in your participation, please notify us asap to:
  Thank you for working hard for CYBER Fair. We appreciate your efforts.


Any additional information, contact CYBER Fair Team:

- Silvia Antorian

- Roman Godde
   (Blogger Manager)
- Lili Page & Bamzii
  (Setup Coordinators)

 Dear Designers,

Please take a look at the sim Map. Your booth location is listed in the map.  Standard booths are assigned in alphabetical order following the sector numbers. Booths are situated on 2 levels. 

There are Billboards for rent few on the side sim angles, and more on the back of the Sponsors booths, left side of the walking alleys. You are welcome to purchase and advertise your brand